Beaches in Wirral

Beaches in Wirral

Having been raised to live near a coast all of my life and then move away as a young adult, it wasn’t until I had moved further inland that I really appreciated the sea.

Wirral is a coastal peninsular and so there are a number of beaches in Wirral and they’re all brilliant in their own way.

From perfect sunsets, days out with the family, walking the dog, solitude to be with your thoughts and more. Whatever a beach offers, the beaches in Wirral are just what you need.

You really do need to visit them for yourself to get a personal experience, but for those just looking for some background information, I’ve gathered some stuff together for you.

Here we go:

West Kirby beach

I live near Neston and even though there are closer beaches to where I live, West Kirby is my favourite.

I usually head toward the end closer to Hoylake as it’s usually quieter than the main part of West Kirby beach but has similar views and you can see Hilbre Island from here too.

I like to walk the dog here and once you’re away from the area where the beach starts and heading out toward the sea, you very rarely bump into other people and so it’s also a great place to take a stroll and clear your head.

Like a lot of the other Wirral beaches, there are sand dunes here too but the beach itself is VAST and there is plenty of space for all who visit.


Good points:

West Kirby Beach on a wet day showing Hilbre Island

LOTS of room. People who visit here tend to stick by the main entrance next to Morrisons so it can get quite busy, especially when the weather is really nice.

But it’s easy enough to wander a bit further along and find a spot to yourself if you are looking for a bit more peace and quiet.

In warmer month’s there are ice cream vans and there is a hole-in-the-wall ice cream shop too, plus Morrisons is right next door.

Bad points:

Parking can be a nightmare. I’d advise you to park a little further away and walk to the beach rather than try to get as close as you can. Just my personal preference but if you’re looking for a stress-free day it’s best to start it right and accept the place may be rammed and take it into account.

West Kirby beach showing building works and ice cream shop

Meols beach

Meols is an incredibly picturesque beach located between Hoylake and Wallasey. At low tide, the shoreline reveals an impressive stretch of shingle turning into soft sand and mudflats, making it a prime spot for activities like sandbuggying or horseback riding. Birdwatching also proves popular in the colder months. The shore provides views of Liverpool and can be particularly stunning around sunset time. Along with Meols itself, visitors can enjoy four miles of coastal parkland ranging from Meols Dove Point to King’s Parade at New Brighton. Its undeniable beauty draws in cyclists, joggers and picnickers alike to revel in its acres of dunes and common land.

Good points:

This is definitely one of the quieter Wirral beaches, with a bit of everything on offer. It’s got sand dunes where you can hide away and have a peaceful walk or picnic.

Plus there are lots of rock pools that make it the perfect spot for children to explore and learn about nature.

Bad points:

There is a lot of grass that has built up on the area closer to the entrance of the beach making it a bit difficult to get to the sandy bit, especially when it is wet.

The place is run down, it looks like a bit of building site in places.

Hoylake beach

I don’t often visit Hoylake beach but I thought I would in order to take some pictures and capture a sense of how it compares to the others I visited.

It’s maybe not too fair that I visited on a cold and wet day but there is no escaping the fact the sand has become very grassy and the overall demeanour seems run down.

Hoylake beach
Hoylake Beach as shown not at its best on a cold and wet day – see how grassy the sand has become

Good points:

It’s a much quieter beach than some of the other ones around Wirral, so if you’re after a bit of peace and quiet then this is definitely worth considering. You can also see Hilbre Island from here which adds to its beauty.

Bad points:

Parking again is a bit limited and there are no amenities here so you would need to go prepared with whatever you’d want for the day.

The sand is quite coarse and a little more pebbly than some of the other beaches too, which may not be ideal if you’re planning on sunbathing. There is also a lot of grass before you reach the sand.

There are no shops or ice cream vans so bare this in mind if you are taking the family or expecting to be able to buy a treat.

There are no toilets.

The railings and the slipway entrance are quite run down.

Hoylake beach showing neglect

Other points of note about Hoylake beach

At the heart of the town lies Royal Liverpool Golf Club – a historic and world-renowned course for a great golfing experience.

The North Wirral Coastal Park extends from Meols Dove Point to King’s Parade in New Brighton.

New Brighton beach

I can still remember visiting New Brighton as a kid and loving the fairground and the beach seemed to go on forever.

This vibrant seaside resort is perfect for a day out, with its pier, amusement arcades, and various shops and restaurants.

If you’re looking for a traditional day out at the seaside, then New Brighton beach is the ideal place for you, with its vintage pier stretching out into the horizon and an array of amusement arcades boasting thrilling games.

But it doesn’t end there; there’s plenty more for visitors to explore, from a plethora of shops and restaurants, offering opportunities to pick up some souvenirs or try something new! No matter what you desire from your day out, New Brighton Beach has it all – making it a perfect spot for both locals and tourists alike.

Good points:

Lots going on and just behind the beach there is a field which is really popular for picnics and flying kits, a real family day out a place to visit.

There are a number of shops including Morrisons and restaurants near by. The beach is also close to Bubble’s play area for the little ones and The Floral Hall which hosts lots of events regularly.

Bad points:

Can get very busy and the sand seems to be quite dark with oil and polluted the closer to the sea that you venture.

Parking can be difficult too and you will likely have to pay.

The scenery is somewhat ruined by the wind farm. I’m all for wind farms but when this is the view that you have when on the beach it’s just not the same as seeing nothing but the sea. With this said, you can see Liverpool quite clearly and the sunset coupled with the wind farm is quite amazing.

Thurstaston beach

Thursaston beach
Sign at the entrance to Thurstaston beach

If you’re looking for breathtaking views, Thurstaston is the place to go, with its cliffs offering panoramic views across the water to Wales then you should definitely add Thurstaston beach to your list of places to visit.

Not only is the two-mile beach surrounded by beautiful sandstone cliffs, it also provides incredible views across the Dee Estuary to Wales – what could be more breathtaking than that?

Set next to the Thurstaston common and the ever-popular visitor centre coupled with a cafe this quiet beach can be a real gem of a find.

Good points:

Beautiful scenery, Thurstaston common and the visitor centre are all very popular.

A large expanse of beach and plenty of space to wander.

Thursaston beach panoramic view
Thurstaston beach panoramic view

Bad points:

The sand is quite coarse with some pebbles and is not the most comfortable for sunbathing.

Thurstaston beach showing course pebble sand
Thurstaston beach showing course pebble sand

Parking can be limited and you will likely have to pay to park in one of the car parks.

There are no amenities here so you would need to go prepared with whatever you’d want for the day or use the toilets in the cafe or visitor centre.

Although there is a cafe by the visitor centre, there are no other shops so be prepared and take all you would need before you go.

Thursaston beach to the right upon entrance

Other points of note about Thurstaston beach

There is a camping and caravan club right next to the beach so if you have a camper this is a fantastic place to stop for a night or two.

Access to Thurstaston beach is via a long straight road which leads up to Thurstaston Road and this straight road has a fantastic place to eat called Strawberry Moon that I highly recommend.

I recently visited this beach and have written a more in-depth article about it which you can read here – Thurstaston Beach

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I moved to Wirral in 2006 and love this place. I have raised my two kids here and currently live in Parkgate. When looking for somewhere to live, the Wirral has it all. Beaches, fantastic shops, great commuter links, museums, art galleries, theatres, countryside, it’s near to Liverpool, Chester & Manchester and a whole lot more. Good and bad, I put this website together to try and explore it all and share it as I go. I hope you enjoy my journey!