Give Puppies in Wirral A Free Good Home

puppies Wirral free good home

As a dog lover myself I find it difficult knowing that there are puppies and dogs that have no home. I’d like to help you find a puppy in Wirral and give it a free good home if possible.

What is the best website to find puppies for sale?

From the research that I’ve done here’s a rundown of the most likely places you will find the puppy in Wirral that you are looking for and rescue an animal in need.

1. Wirral Dog Rescue

Don’t use their website as it has expired, instead use the Facebook page at

Wirral Dog Rescue is a charity ran by volunteers who give their time up to help dogs in need of a new home.

As you would imagine they primarily have rescue dogs which means you are not likely to find a puppy here but PLEASE do give the older dogs a chance at life and check them out.

What is great to see is that they publish their dogs who need a home and the response from the Facebook users is fantastic. Lots of people commenting and/or telling their friends and family about this dog and that dog.

I noticed that there are also regular related adverts for things like ducks and local farms which I personally like to see as this opens up avenues and ideas (I used to own chickens and I found them this way).

2. Pets4Homes

I really like this website and we actually bought our 5 year old cocker spaniel from here when he was a puppy.

Sadly at the time of checking there are no free puppies in Wirral being advertised but there is the option to refine your search and setting the price is one of these options.

I also recommend using the “adoption” option as this will give you the chance to adopt a dog in need at a low price. The prices range from £200 to £300.

Check their site out here

3. Gumtree

Gumtree can be a great place to find things that you need but when it comes to finding a puppy for a free home in Wirral there doesn’t seem to be a lot of choice.

Most of the puppies are in fact dogs and not in Wirral either. They’re also not cheap and given the latest dog hike price craze seems to range into the thousands.

You can look here but I wouldn’t personally hold out much hope:

4. Dogs Trust

My family and I love dogs trust in Merseyside having got our beloved last dog Milo from here as a puppy who is sadly no longer with us.

Although it’s not in Wirral it’s only a short(ish) drive away and although primarily has fully grown dogs ready for rehoming does occasionally have puppies, although we were told at the time we got our dog Milo that they don’t advertise this because demand is so high they go within a few days of release so it may be a good idea to go on their waiting list.

At the time of writing we are in the second lockdown and I’d like to share this snippet from their website with you – food for thought:

We’re currently experiencing an unprecedented amount of interest, with some dogs getting several hundred applications. Please bear with us, we’re doing everything we can to find our dogs their forever homes.

Dogs Trust November 2020

See their website for more details

Heswall Animal Welfare

The Heswall Animal Welfare is a registered charity that cover all of the Wirral and is made up of unpaid volunteers (good on you all).

These staff members work from their own homes so there is no rescue centre that you can go to as such.

Their website is

However, given the huge demand for dogs right now there are no animals on their website which you can check at

Dogs currently awaiting rehoming

At present, the rehoming of dogs is often taking place within a few days of our being asked to rehome the animal, so photographs and accurate details are not currently on the website.

We seldom have any very young puppies or young pedigree dogs. Most of our animals will be Crossbreeds, in age ranging from six months to more than ten years, and generally in the medium or small/medium size range.

RSPA Wirral

Another great source that is currently in high demand but you can see their website below. The link is already filtered for dogs in Wirral.

Other websites and places you can try for a free puppy in Wirral

I thought I would review this site because it comes up in the Google search and from what I can see does not actually offer free puppies. In fact (I think most people now looking for a dog will agree) the prices of dogs and puppies have gone through the roof since the pandemic started and I guess this is because as people are spending more time at home they are thinking of things to do and buying a dog seems like a good idea.

If you want to have a look for yourself and don’t want to pay crazy prices then there is a filter on the left hand side which has options for “Found” which although may mean dog and owner might never be re-united does give you the opportunity to claim a dog should the owner have decided to abandon the poor thing.

See here

Advertise for a “Puppies wanted” in Local Wirral Papers

Have you looked in the local papers? It’s now become a bit of old fashioned way to advertise but still useful and might be worth a look.

Put an advert up yourself to look for a new puppy

You could rent space on notice boards or put adverts onto Facebook and other social media platforms (why not also try the local papers).

Unwanted puppies for free

As you can see getting puppies for free isn’t easy especially right now because every man and his dog (literally) want a dog, puppies included. This is not just restricted to where you live either as the demand for dogs has grown massively over the last year:

Buy a puppy trend

If you can help in any way to rehome unwanted puppies and dogs and would like to appear on this post then please get in touch and I will add you.

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